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Along with my terms and conditions of service, the following is an outline of the process I usually follow, when working with clients. Keep in mind that this process can and often does vary, depending on the nature and complexity of each individual project. 

Initial Contact

If you know what service/s you're wanting, the next step is to get in touch with me by completing the contact form. You can generally expect to hear from me within 24 - 48 hours. If I can assist you within my current schedule, my response will include a client brief for your completion. This brief will be partially completed by me, based on the information you provide in the contact form. This is your opportunity to provide detailed information about your project, enabling me to quote your project and have a clear understanding of your requirements.


Face-To-Face Meetings

As a freelancer, I do not offer face-to-face meetings. All contact with me is by email or phone. 

Project Proposal/Quote

Upon receipt of your completed client brief, I will then email you a project proposal, which is effectively a detailed quote, outlining the scope of work, terms and conditions and the anticipated start date. Check this document carefully to ensure it covers your project requirements accurately. If you're happy with the quote, simply shoot me an email to confirm.

Invoice and deposit

Upon acceptance of a quote, I will email you an invoice for payment. A start date will be confirmed once the required deposit is paid.

Work commences

I begin work on your project and email you a first draft. Your quote includes a draft and two rounds of minor amends/revisions and proofreading. If there is any balance payable on your invoice, this will be due in full before work continues. You note your feedback using track changes and email back to me within the time frames stipulated in your quote/scope of work. It is important you provide your feedback within the agreed time frames, as delays will not only impact your projects expected completion date, but also risk delaying other projects I may be working. This is where open and clear lines of communication between us both, are crucial. 

Job completion

Your final copy is emailed to you, once all invoices are paid in full. 

Terminating a project

If you terminate your project, before work has commenced, you will forfeit your deposit. If you terminate the project once work has commenced, you will be invoiced for the cost of any work that exceeds the value of the deposit paid. Full copyright is retained by Brisbane Website Content Writer, until all invoices have been paid in full. Completed work will not be released until invoices have been paid in full.


Changes to the scope of work

For any requested changes/additions to those quoted in the initial scope of work, a interim invoice will be issued. Changes must be provided and confirmed in writing. Understand that changes can impact upon the original completion date agreed.


Time frames

Like many freelancers, I am usually booked in advance, so the sooner you provide me with a detailed outline of your job specifications and pay the required deposit, the sooner I'm able to schedule in your job around other projects and advise you of the expected time frame for completion of your job. Where I have availability, I'm always happy to take on smaller jobs at short notice. I always endeavour to meet agreed time frames, but where this may not be possible, as would be the case, where a client has more revisions than expected, or delays providing requested information or additional material, I will always keep you informed as to how these changes impact expected time frames for completion of work.



Once your project is complete, I like to encourage clients to provide me with feedback, in the form of a written review on my Facebook page! 


This information is provided as a guide only and is subject to change without notice. Detailed terms and conditions associated with each clients project, will always be clearly specified in the quote issued.

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