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Website Content Proofreading Package 

Happy with your website writing and just need it reviewed for errors? This is the package for you!

In the current climate and with technology at everyone’s fingertips, more and more people are searching online for the products and services they need. In a time when your digital presence is the primary means of conveying information and exposure to customers, it’s never been more crucial for business success, to ensure you stand out from the crowd.


If you’re happy with the structure, style and content of your writing, proofreading is the final and essential step, during which your written material is reviewed, to ensure that all surface errors of grammar, punctuation and spelling etc are corrected. It doesn’t matter if you have a new website, or one that’s been live for some time… it’s never too late to review your website content.

In this package, you'll receive...

  • A review of your final draft (edited) document or existing website content (includes home page, about page, one service/product page)

  • Identification and correction of any errors in spelling, word usage, punctuation or grammatical errors

  • The revisions/amendments will be provided to you in a word document, marked with tracked changes